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Everett Henry (Director)

A highly successful Senior Leader and Business Change Professional with a proven track record of delivering on complex and challenging programmes within the public, private and voluntary sector having extensive national and international experience of leading organisational change. Previously (2003-2015) the national lead for Equality, Diversity and Human Rights (EDHR) within the police service, working on high profile issues and programmes for Home Secretaries, Senior Civil Servants, Chief Executives, Board Members, Police Crime Commissioners and Chief Constables. He has worked across the breadth of the Criminal Justice System.

Everett has significant experience of strategy and operational development, business planning, programme delivery, performance management and team leadership, gaining a reputation for becoming a highly skilled negotiator at a senior level across a range of stakeholders. He places an emphasis on creating strong relationships and developing inclusive organisations that drive results to meet the business objectives.
Everett has extensive leadership and partnership skills at a governance level, setting strategic priorities. A proven ability to grasp complex issues and summarise succinctly. He also possesses highly effective analytical and problem solving skills, creating a vision for people to deliver evidential results.

Currently involved in organisation change within the Police Service, NHS and Education providers. Previously implemented the police service Multi-Agency Disability Hate Crime programme and the National Independent Advisory Group Guidance Document. .Everett wrote the National EDHR Baseline Performance Inspection Framework for Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary. Contributed to the implementation of the Hungarian National Drug Strategy, prior to their ascension into the European Union. Successfully project managed the relocation of an NHS funded drug and alcohol service, achieving significant improvement in cost savings and service provision.


William (Martin) Harding MBA (Director)

A retired Police Officer who served for over 30 years, William etched out an extremely successful career, culminating in him achieving the rank of Superintendent, and operating at the very top of the organisational management structure, with core responsibility for the management of thousands of officers and civilian staff and also for ensuring the quality delivery of service to the residents and visitors to the Greater Manchester area.

William was Branch Commander for the Operational Communications Branch where he was in charge of the multi-site call centres. He was the first ever Branch Commander to manage 100% performance against Key Performance Indicators over the busiest nights of the year and is probably still the only person to have ever achieved that feat.

William also initiated and led an organisational change programme for an organisation of 13,000 people. The programme was regularly reviewed by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Police and cited nationally as an example of good practice. The purpose of the programme was to ensure that Greater Manchester Police was seen as an inclusive organisation and was an employer of choice.

William’s skills and experience have historically made him the preferred person to deal with complex matters on behalf of organisations, when dealing with Governmental departments, including HMIC and Home Office. He has served an attachment to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary which was based within the Home Office at Queen Anne’s gate in London. This is the body responsible for providing the inspectorate responsibility for the Police Service of England and Wales. Here he was involved in the undertaking of a national thematic inspection of significant importance, their report being presented to Parliament.

He is the recipient of two medals, the Police Long service and Good Conduct Medal and the Queen’s Jubilee Medal. He is also the recipient of a Home Secretary’s Commendation for making a difference and introducing change at a national level.

William has a keen interest in business, and has is qualified with an MBA in Business Administration.