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Who We Are

  • Highly specialised and competent leaders from diverse backgrounds.
  • Vastly experienced and highly skilled when working across the Public and Private Sectors with Ministers, Politicians, Board Members, Senior Executives, Regulators and Community Groups.
  • Extensively networked, able to identify and trawl multi-source information to gather, analyse and horizon scan holistic data-sets in order to provide constructive advice that will allow for the development of informed and effective planning processes. This will allow for successful delivery again priorities.
  • Non-partisan
  • Value driven to set high standards that principally deliver ethical, legislative compliance practice and performance, leading to recognition as a reputable, entrusted organisation.
  • Able to empower bodies to think creatively in a climate of diminished resources, through working in collaboration with other bodies and agencies where necessary.

What We Do

Instead of asking us which services we provide, we prefer for you to tell us which services you need. As an extensively networked service provider are able to draw upon a highly experienced bank of Associates, who hail from a range of HR disciplines.

If you are unsure as to what it is your require, we will undertake a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of your organisation or the area of your organisation which requires attention and prepare for you a detailed proposal as to the nature of the problem, identified by analysis of our research. We will then agree the relevant plan of remedial action, necessary to provide a long term solution which addresses all the core issues identified.

We provide our clients with a bespoke service. No two organisations are the same, even if owning and operating a franchise, personnel in different branches will provide different branches will provide different challenges requiring different solutions tailored to each branch.

In an age of accountability, scrutiny and responsibility, such an exercise can significantly reduce organisational risk by identifying areas of weakness. Reducing risk can lean to an increase in efficiency, profit, performance and moral.

Being vastly experience negotiators, we are expert in the art of listening, a skill all too often overlooked or lacking in present hierarchical structures.

We can provide an accredited and flexibly training programme that will empower others to manage a wide range of conflict in the work place and the community.

CommTAS is equipped to deliver

CommTAS is value driven to set high standards that principally deliver ethical, legislative compliance practice and performance, leading to recognition as a reputable, entrusted organisation. We are able to empower bodies to think creatively in a climate of diminishing resources and changing political landscapes to meet and exceed the standards expected by communities, customers and governing authorities.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you or one of your designated representatives, to discuss the work that we do and the support we could possibly offer to your organisation.

For background information please see below some areas of work we specialise in:-

  • Equality and Inclusion –(workforce / operational legal compliant work)
  • Governance – Scrutiny and oversight to set strategic priorities
  • Specialist in Human Resource & workforce succession planning
  • Positive Action  – Delivery of successful innovative programmes
  • Leadership programmes – Development of influential leaders to drive change
  • Personal and Professional Development programmes  (all ranks and grades)
  • Coaching and Mentoring – Inspiring self confidence
  • Community engagement – Adoption of a two way approach to communicate with staff and the public
  • Team building – Developing teams to motivate each other to perform effectively
  • Internal mediation service (Independent, solution focussed support).
  • Professional Standards reviews
  • Organisation diagnostic reviews to help with transformational change.
  • Financial planning / auditing
  • Pension review
  • Expert data analysis of organisational trends to provide evidential results
  • Equality Analysis (Impact Assessment) dis-proportionality (Stop search, grievance, discipline, recruitment and promotion data
  • Bespoke community engagement / cohesion reviews
  • Stakeholder business engagement 
  • Rational thinking training